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Apple: Samsung Copied Design

Apple sued Samsung Electronics, claiming that Samsung’s Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablet “slavishly” copied Apple’s iPhone and iPad, in another sign of the escalating intellectual-property…

Your Money: Too Young for Finance? Think Again

A number of people and organizations have taken up the cause of helping the next generation form better money habits at an earlier age.

Advertising: Gap Seeks to Freshen Itself as a ‘People’s Brand’

Its brand somewhat adrift, Gap has appointed, for the first time, a chief global marketing officer. The executive, Seth Farbman, comes directly from Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide.

Type: Wallflowers

Wallflowers is a beautiful pattern font by Laura Worthington.

Eulogy of stuff

When an item is in dispute (meaning I want to sell, toss, or recycle it and the kids need to keep it), we take a photo and stick the photo in a book, where they get to write a small eulogy about…

Apple's iOS App Store hits 10 billion downloads, gives away $10,000 gift card

App Store 10 billion
We knew it was coming, but now Apple has announced that a British woman, Gail Davis from Kent, downloaded Paper Glider to take the Cupertino-based company over the 10 billion threshold….

Rep. Ryan Is GOP Point Man

When Rep. Paul Ryan delivers the Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union address, many will get their first look at a man whom GOP leaders are trusting to manage a central issue—how to cut…

Flesh out resume buzzwords, the online network designed for professionals and job hunters, recently listed the most-used phrases found in users’ profiles.

We, Robots

Sherry Turkle once saw technology as a tool for playing with identity. Now she fears it is replacing identity.

XBMC launches on new Apple TV, iPhone and iPad with 1080p video decoding

XMBC running on the new Apple TV
Hold tight new Apple TV fans, this news may rock your ever-loving world: XBMC, the open-source media center software that spawned offshoots like Plex and Boxee, has just launched on the…

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